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Dr. Yegneshwar of Competency Catalysts has over 20 years of consulting, industry, teaching and research experience. In his long association with Infosys, he was the Head - Education & Research (E&R), Vice-President - Infosys Leadership Institute and was also Member of the Management Council. In the course of his career, he has worked at Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company Limited (now called Tata Motors), and IIM, Ahmedabad. He also held the position of Co-Founder and Senior Vice President, Engineering, Savantech India.

Devdutt Yellurkar

Devdutt Yellurkar was founder and CEO of Yantra solutions, which provided technology in the field of logistics and supply chain. Devudtt is currently partner at Charles River Ventures.

Prahlad DN

Prahlad is founder and CEO of Surya-Software. Prahlad has a Master's degree from the Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore. Formerly a Senior Vice-President at Infosys Technologies, he played a pivotal role in that company’s growth story.