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Freight Billing

In shipx Self Billing process,

freight contract with transporter is defined on system

consignment details are recorded on system (as and when they are dispatched or delivered)

For every consignment delivered, shipx would automatically generate self billing invoice based on consignment details and freight contract.

Transporters can login to shipx portal and submit the invoice generated by shipx

Most of transporters use manual methods to generate freight invoice, This would result in error often favoring transporter.
Above issue is applicable even to large 3PLs receiving invoices from small transporters for the vehicles procured.

Thus every invoice needs to be checked for various factors such as

  • Whether rates applied correct as per contract or quote
  • Whether the movement has physically taken place
  • Is the distance as per actuals ?
  • Is weight specified in invoice as per actual weight moved ?
  • Is invoice duplicate ? meaning same load being billed multiple times ?
  • Is detention charge valid ? Is rate as per contract ? Was there truly a detention at destination ?

It becomes extremely difficult to check for all these manually for every invoice submitted. Hence, invoices should be audited my matching invoice with various other documents such as

  • Contracts
  • Quote/Pick up request
  • LRs
  • PODs
  • Gate entry registers
  • Shipment and Receipt data