• shipx
    Digitize your Transportation and Logistics Operations
    and improve your customer service.
    Operational optimization and the resultant impact on your customer service help drive benefits of
    up-to 0.5% of your current freight cost or freight revenue!
  • transport management
    Building Technology Platforms for Transportation
    Management is not your headache.
    Reduce your IT spend and focus on your operations.
    A world-class SaaS platform is available on tap!
  •  logistics management
    Handling Freight Commercials with complex
    contracts is not a walk-in-the-park.
    Robust contract management and operations can help unlock 0.5 to 0.75% of
    your current freight revenue as an immediate impact to your bottom-line!!
  • tms software
    Negotiate only when you frame your freight contract.
    Not in every billing cycle!
    Remove a recurring monthly head-ache of negotiation and reduce your time-to-cash!.
    Unlock up-to 0.5% of your freight revenue or freight cost with effort reduction
    and improved data quality!

Some ShipX Stories

Full Truck Load

ShipX TMS manages entire FTL operations across branches. shipX provides complete integrated operational capabilities cross all locations in the network. Some of the key capabilities include :

  • Customer and vendor contracts.
  • Spot procurement from brokers/fleet owners.
  • GCN/LR management.
  • Vehicle hire challan.
  • Billing/customer invoices.
  • Collaboration with customers for improved customer service.

Hub and Spoke

ShipX is your complete Hub and Spoke Transportation Management solution!

  • First Mile Pick-up.
  • Hub operations.
  • Line-Haul Management.
  • Last Mile Delivery.
  • Freight contract Management and Freight Invoicing.

Secondary Distribution

ShipX Transportation Platform helps manage the complete Secondary Distribution life-cycle which is common to many companies across various industries like FMCG, Retail, Apparel etc.

  • Continuously distribute goods with uncertain demands.
  • Different locations.
  • Route planning, loading and unloading.
  • Record inventory attributes such as batch & Serial number.

300,000+ Shipments per month!

Pirojshaw Sarkari

We are delighted with the service and performance of ShipX. Shipx brings a compelling amalgamation of an outstanding Transportation Management Platform and outstanding people with in-depth knowledge of the Supply Chain Domain. The ShipX platform has scaled with our business effortlessly and has helped us expand. The platform has comfortably handled all the challenges thrown at it by the variability of our needs in different kinds of transportation services we provide.


Mahindra Logistics Ltd