ShipX On-Point

Our extensive work in the domain has us convinced that unlocking the true potential of Logistics and Transportation requires every player in the game - no matter what their size and buying power- to have digital tools with point solutions built atop those tools, to aid and assist in solving problems that have continued to remain problems for decades. This is especially true for developing economies like India. Availability of world-class solutions at meaningful price points has been an issue, and ShipX has taken on this mission of filling this gap with it's range of economical SaaS offerings for the entire industry. We will continue to remain... On-Point!

Our solutions are On-Point whether you are:

  • A Logistics Service Provider or a 3PL.
  • A Transporter (with assets or asset-light).
  • A Consignor of Freight or a Shipper.
  • An FMCG or Retail Organization with Stores to manage or replenish.